Blues Scales (For Slide???)

Thu Nov 16 11:14:49 EST 1995

On Thu, 16 Nov 1995 10:51:25 -0500 THesters said:
>            I mean, I'm fifteen years old and trying to learn something
>about slide. I don't know if there really is a scale for slide, plus, I
>have never took phrasing classes, just chords. My music theory is sorry, I
>barelly can read guide lines. I can play some tunes with slide in open
>chords, but what I wanted to know if you, people who know everything about
>theory, could help me with some slide theory, because I just play with my

I don't know much about theory (don't know much about the French I took :-))
Here's someting.

Open G or A tuning (example in G)               this may not be THE SCALE, but
D_________10   12_______     (bottom string)    play in this area and wiggle
B_________10   12_______                        your HAND not your FINGER to
G___________11 12_______                        get nice vibrato. When playing
D_________10   12_______                        the 4th chord use this scale
G___________11_12_______                        at the 5th fret instead of the
D_________10___12_______                        12th (ie 3-5, 3-5, 4-5.etc)
                                                5th chord (5-7, 5-7...etc)
Some chord forms (same tuning as above)

    4th chord (C7or D7)
B___1_______|_5__  I prefer to fret where the asterik is just cause I like the
G________3*_|_5__  sound better than where the & is....(actually the 7th )
G________3&_|_5__  or bar at the third sort of like this, throw that pinky out
D___________|____  there on the 7th, 8th..etc while playing use upstrokes and

    5th (E or D)

D______3*___|____  I like to use that asterik fret alot sometimes pulling off
B_1_________|_7__  while stumming...Once again use that pinky some when fretin
G____2______|_7__  at the 7th.
D___________|____    Play them hard and intense, snap the strings against the
                     fretboard. Slap the fretboard, play muted strings, hit
                     the heel of your picking hand against the guitar while you
                     play, DAMPEN THEM STRINGS. Play it like you love it.

There are more chord forms that are more fun than stomping baby chickens, but
I ain't got time to key them in. One thing is for sure, you will get alot of
responses cause everybody is going to correct me :-)

LW 'with humble-ness'

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