Yazoo Recordings Question

Art Schuna aaschuna@FACSTAFF.WISC.EDU
Thu Nov 16 11:02:32 EST 1995

In article <BLUES-L%95111609330267@BROWNVM.BROWN.EDU>, L W <ISTS024%UABDPO.BITNET@BROWNVM.brown.edu> says:
>How is the sound quality on the Yazoo CD's, especially the Blind Lemon Jeff.
>and Charlie Patton....Is there alot of hiss and bacon frying noises...?

Yes there is, but it's tolerable to my ears.  If it really bothers you,
turn down the treble on your receiver.  But, I kind of like it...reminds
me of breakfast, without the smell of bacon :-)  The problem with these
recordings was the fact that they were done by Paramount, a small label
from Wisconsin, who used low-fi recording techniques and used a lot of
filler in their shellac.  Even decent lookings 78s have a lot of noise,
or so I'm told.  Yazoo does not use noise suppression devices (at least
they don't claim to use them).  In comparing Yazoo to Document for
example, Document seems to turn down the treble frequencies on noisy
pressings, Yazoo lets you decide whether to do that.  Given the option,
I'd rather be the one to decide.


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