Blues Scales (For Slide???)

jose.eric.s.maglanque jose.eric.s.maglanque@AC.COM
Wed Nov 15 23:52:35 EST 1995

Precisely my point:  I don't know much scales and stuff and -- for playing
blues -- I've never felt inadequate or been castigated for it.  Don't think
that you are inadequate bec. you don't know some scales.  If you play with your
instincts, you're well on your way.

>           I mean, I'm fifteen years old and trying to learn something
> about slide. I don't know if there really is a scale for slide, plus, I
> have never took phrasing classes, just chords. My music theory is sorry, I
> barelly can read guide lines. I can play some tunes with slide in open
> chords, but what I wanted to know if you, people who know everything about
> theory, could help me with some slide theory, because I just play with my
> "instincts".
>                                                   Alexandre de Santi

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