BB King Up Close (fwd)

Mark Gentry Mark.Gentry@EBAY.SUN.COM
Wed Nov 15 18:22:45 EST 1995


Nice post on BB King. You are probably the envy of many of us on
blues-l today having had the pleasure of seeing BB King in a club.
He is without a doubt, a national treasure.

After reading your quote however, I couldn't resist. It looks like
you and PJ O'Rourke are getting your wish now that the government is
shutting down,


Mark - "Although I would not give whiskey and car keys to
teenage boys, I willingly pay taxes to my government so we
avoid anarchy and preserve a way of life where I spend what's
left of my money on blues cd's. - Gentry  :)

> Rob Varak
> LaGrange, Il USA
> "Giving money and power to government is like
>  giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys"--P.J. O'Rourke

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