Wed Nov 15 14:19:00 EST 1995

     Recently Abe Mathews visited Willie's American Guitars in Minneapolis.
Abe is 100% correct about the atmosphere there.  I visited the store this
summer and what a treat.  They are friendly, helpful and laid back.  I was
permitted to try any guitar into any amp they had.  How many guitar stores
permit a person to climb up on an amp to get at a PRS?  Anyway, if you can
get a George Benson Ibanez for under $600, go for it.  I saw one in Saskatoon
last summer for $1100.  Heritage make beautiful archtops but they are quite
expensive.  Some of them show very fine craftsmanship and I think they may be
worth something down the road but this likely won't be the case for their Les
Paul types.  Hope this helps.

Bill Wsiaki
St. Paul's College Library
Winnipeg, CANADA

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