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Roger Struve roger.lew.struve@MEDTRONIC.COM
Tue Nov 14 08:36:40 EST 1995

Below is an itinerary for John Hammond that I received today.   SInce the
memory of John Hammond's appearance was very nice, I took the liberty of
posting this.

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Here's the tour dates you mentioned...he is not only very talented but very
gracious. The last time he was here he did an early morning radio show for
us and was nice enough to ask what we'd like him to could have
heard a pin drop in the studio as he played "Love In Vain" on Rochester's
#1 rock station. : )

John Hammond   11/11/95   Teatro Lopez de Ayala   Badajoz   SPAIN
John Hammond   11/18/95   Band Box   Callicoon   NY   USA
John Hammond   11/19/95   The Haunt   Ithaca   NY   USA
John Hammond   11/27/95   Venue tba   Toronto   ONT   Canada
John Hammond   11/28/95   Red Creek Inn   Rochester   NY   USA
John Hammond   11/29/95   The Calumet   Buffalo   NY   USA
John Hammond   11/30/95   Wilbert's   Cleveland   OH   USA
John Hammond   12/1/95   The Ark   Ann Arbor   MI   USA
John Hammond   12/2/95   Main Event   Toledo   OH   USA
John Hammond   12/3/95   Canal Street   Dayton   OH   USA
John Hammond   12/4/95   Slippery Noodle   Indianapolis   IN   USA
John Hammond   12/5/95   The Bluebird   Bloomington   IN   USA
John Hammond   12/7/95   Staches   Columbus   OH   USA
John Hammond   12/8/95   Rosco's Cafe   Fairlea   WV   USA
John Hammond   12/13/95   Brokerage   Bellmore   NY   USA
John Hammond   12/14/95   Rosie's Cabaret   Long Valley   NJ   USA
John Hammond   12/29/95   Town Crier   Millbrook   NY   USA
John Hammond   12/30/95   Godfrey Daniels   Bethlehem   PA   USA
John Hammond   12/31/95   The Turning Point   Piermont   NY   USA
John Hammond   2/23/96   Cedar Cultural Center   Minneapolis   MN   USA
John Hammond   2/24/96   Prairie Home Companion   St Paul   MN   USA
John Hammond   3/29/96   Gorel Recital Hall / Indiana Univ of PA   Indiana
  PA   USA
John Hammond   6/1/96   Maryland Theatre 1996 Bluesfest   Hagerstown   MD
John Hammond   11/30/96   Ford Centre for the Performing Arts   North York
  ONT   Canada

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