MCM and Storyville releases

Mon Nov 13 18:23:00 EST 1995

I would give this album at least a B+. I like Willie Kent very much,
I like the real or simulated club atmosphere, and I especially like it
for the rare chance to hear the late Willie James Lyons, who left us
at about age 54. He made one album - not bad/not exciting - for a French
label, either Isabel or MCM - but I'll bet he could be excellent in
person. Does anyone have any more info on him or an any other
recordings of this litle known fine Chicago guitarist.


>MCM 900.291 [LP] Willie James Lyons & Willie Kent: Ghetto ["... fail
>miserably. ... Nowhere is any excitement generated at all." BU 124 (1977), p.
>32. "This album should not be missed." LB, no 31 (1977), p. 38]

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