J. Witteveen hndful@UNISERVE.COM
Mon Nov 13 16:40:07 EST 1995

>Elise Lebordais (Elise_Lebordais@UQTR.UQUEBEC.CA) wrote:
>: I'm making publicity pamphlets for the Blues Club in Trois-Riviere (Quebec)
>: and I need some illustrations of drawings portraying some musiciens or
>: instruments relating to this subject.

CorelDraw has the following blues and blues related (and jazz, soul, etc.)

John Lee Hooker
BB King
Howlin' Wolf
James Brown
Muddy Waters
Little Richard
Jimi Hendrix
Duke Ellington
Chuck Berry

Unfortunately, pretty much all of them are unrecognizable unless you already
know who they're _supposed_ to be :-( . . .oh, well).

-Jim (not employed by Corel, just a user :-)

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