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        1.  General Etiquette
        2.  Announcing Personal Appearances
        3.  Announcing National Act Appearances
        4.  Selling Stuff on Blues-L
        5.  Appropriate Blues-L Topics

This is the etiquette and guidelines portion of the Blues-L FAQ.


Blues-L is not censored in any way.  All messages will be posted to the
list.  But this is a list devoted to discussion of the blues, and this is a
community of blues-lovers and people interested in the form.  Over 750
people, from all over the world, subscribe to the mail list;  countless
others read the newsgroup without subscribing.  We you will follow these
simple guidelines, so that Blues-L will be a happier, friendlier place to

1.   General Etiquette

A.   Remember that PEOPLE will be reading your post.  Not everyone will
agree with your views, but they are people with valid opinions.  Base your
arguments on what has been said, not on who you think the sender is.  Don't
get personal - let your argument speak for itself.

B.   Mr. Pimmel has structured the list so that your mail readers /
newsgroup readers automatic "reply" feature will address your response to
the individual poster of the message.  This is to remind us to think
whether or not we wish to respond to the entire list (certainly completely
appropriate if you think you comments will interest the entire list), or to
the individual poster of the message you are responding to.

C.   Avoid posting "I agree" or "Great Post" or "Me Too" messages to the
entire list.  This is a waste of resources.  If you wish to send this kind
of message, please send it to the individual you are complementing.

D.   Avoid posting messages without any useful contents.  This includes
messages containing only snide remarks to a previous poster, etc.  It also
includes message where you say "Sorry, no blues content".  If there is no
blues content, do not send the message to the list.

E.   Commercial messages should not be posted to the list.  (However, see
below for guidelines concerning personal appearances by musicians who are
members of the blues-l community.)

F.   If a topic (or musician, etc.) has been extensively discussed
recently, hold off on bringing it (him / her) up again.  Let another topic
get some time on the list.

G.   Remember the distinction between posting to the list (where everyone
sees it) and posting to an individual privately.  Think about the
universality of your message:  if you think many (if not most) people on
the list would find your message interesting and informative, please post
it to the list.  If your message would be of interest to only one or two
people, send it to them privately.

H.   Please pay attention to your "subject line":  make sure it accurately
reflects the contents of your message.  If you have changed the subject
during your response to a previous post, please change your subject line.

I.  When responding to a previous post, it is acceptable - and often
necessary - to quote a few lines from that previous post, to remind readers
of what you are referring to.  But quote only as much as is necessary to
make clear what you are responding to.

J.   Above all, use common sense and consider the feelings of others.
Treat others as you would wish them to treat you.  We know that sounds like
church - but it is good advice.


It is appropriate to announce your personal appearances on the list, with
certain restrictions.  Many people on our list are interesting in seeing
other members perform.

However,  frequent (weekly?) announcements that you will be playing in such
and such places is going too far.  Please remember, this is a global list:
most people will not be able to swing by the corner pub for your Friday
night set even if they want to.  With that in mind:

A.   Perhaps you could post a message bi-monthly, introducing yourself, the
style of music you play, and the general geographic area you play in.
Request private responses from people who would be interesting in receiving
your "gig list".  These would most likely be people who would realistically
be able to attend your performances, and would be the people you would most
like to reach with your message.

B.   E-mail the information only to those people.

C.   If your situation changes, and you get some bookings in a new
location, then please post this information to the entire list.


Announcing "national touring acts" is appropriate to the list, because it
gives readers a way of seeing who is on the road and who will be appearing
in their area.  Of course, the list members would be interested in your
attending such shows, and reviewing them on the list.


Do not use the list to sell CD's, tapes, or other merchandise for profit.
Doing so may be illegal, so DO NOT DO IT.


This is an uncensored list.  All messages will be posted to the list, so
please adhere to these simple guidelines:

Any topic relating to the blues - the music, performers, books, cultural
aspects, history, technical music discussions, reviews, opinions, facts -
if it relates to the blues, it is appropriate for Blues-L.

This is a terrific list:  many members have some kind of professional
relationship to the music - musicians, producers, authors, radio
programmers, etc.  Someone here can answer almost any question you may have
- and any information you may wish to transmit will be gratefully accepted
by our community.

But please - make sure your facts, opinions, and other comments relate to
the blues.

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