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> On Mon, 6 Nov 1995, Bernie Clarke wrote:
> > deal.  Just rereleased recordings of Little Walter one is a two CD
set, Chess
> > Collectibles Vol 3.  "Blues With a Feeling."  This stuff came out last week
> > and any blues lover let alone harp player should have this.  The stuff on
>  Is there much/any overlap with the "Essentiail" Little Walter set
> from Chess?
>   OR
> Local Time [6/11/95 13:06 PM]
> "They call it stormy monday..."

I did a comparison of "Blues With A Feeling" with "Essential"
overlap.  Also did a comparison of BWAF and "The Chess Years" 5-CD set.
There are 14 cuts on BWAF that are not on "The Chess Years". That still
leaves 23 cuts on "The Chess Years" not availble on "Essential" or BWAF.
So, if you're like me, get all three!


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