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Fri Nov 10 15:18:28 EST 1995

At 02:44 PM 11/10/95 -0400, Rob Hutten wrote:  (about "Land Where the Blues

>I loved this book, but I really recommend reading it as a diary and
>not a history.  Lomax writes well, and he's had a remarkable career.
>However, I suspect that some of the stories in this book are boardering
>on the apocryphal.

While reading it, I always felt that Lomax (writing over 50 years later) was
being very condescending and paternalistic toward his subjects:  the "noble
savage" black sharecropper, prisoner, mule skinner, etc., living his / her
life in simple innocence - I never got the feeling that Lomax was talking
about real people.

I also have gotten echoes of the "noble savage" interpretation thru the
recent music theory threads - if only we could go back to being the innocent
children of nature that our blues heroes were, before we all learned about
musical theory....

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