R.SYKES question

Tue Nov 7 13:17:53 EST 1995

Don't know anything about a book written specifically about Roosevelt Sykes,
the influential 1940s and 1950s piano blues giant.  If copyright for it was
registered in this country, you can get information about it or other books on
Sykes at the Library of Congress web site:  http://www.lc.gov, which also has a
telnet gateway to an online search engine.  I've found all sorts of cool stuff,
and not just books... anything that has a copyright, essentially.


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Subject: R.SYKES question

In the book , "A left hand like God", the story of boogiewoogie,
the writer mentions a book written by someone from Belgium (!)
named : "Roosevelt Sykes, The Honey Dripper".

Who can give some information about this book ?
(References, author, publisher, where available ?)

Thanks !

embee, the pianoman.

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