"Dirty" harp sound question: How to?

Mon Nov 6 12:33:46 EST 1995

Thanks for your indulgence folks for the "no-blues" status of this post, but
when you've got a question like mine, ya gotta go to the experts. :)

My harp player plays through a Shure "Green Bullet" wired straight into a
new Fender "Blues Deluxe" amp, the small cousin of the 4x10 "DeVille".  He is
trying very hard to get a really dirty harp sound for some of our tunes but
is unable to get it.  Here's the scoop:  he plays into the "clean" (#2) channel
or input jack and gets great tone at any volume.  No feedback.  But he doesn't
want clean all the time.  So, switch to the "high gain" channel (#1) a.k.a the
DRIVE channel which has dialed-in distortion, and except at the lowest of
low volumes, the thing just howls like a banshee.  Major league feedback no
matter how far he stands from the amp.  The DRIVE channel is where that sound
he wants is, but can't use it.  It's basically useless to him.

We've tried using a distortion pedal on the clean channel.  Feedback again.

To reiterate, we're looking for that greasy, dirty tone that Kim Wilson is so
great at, you KNOW the one.  I've seen Kim live twice, and close up, and I
don't recall him using anything much different.  Maybe a Bassman amp I think,
but they're not all that different than this Blues Deluxe in "clean" mode,
'cept no reverb.

We haven't tried, but are thinking that maybe the only way is to use the DRIVE
channel way down low, which works, and mike the amp to get the stage volume
we need?  That's a lot of new hardware just for that tone.

Please, can someone familiar with this equipment and THAT tone help me?
We're befuddled.


Riffin Rick


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