Clean graves in perspective

James Foster jfoster@SEDL.ORG
Sun Nov 5 13:38:13 EST 1995

At 7:53 AM 11/4/95, DeniseTapp wrote:

>The point is that if no one remembers you, you have not lived.  So, if any
>of you venture into graveyards, in search of the final resting places of
>your heroes, take a moment to pull the weeds from the markers and clean
>them up a bit.  Dust off the trash.  And, if you're really interested,
>take some paper and chalk and do a rubbing of the stone.
>That's how I remember and celebrate the life of my friend Furry.  Well, it
>works for me.

Yes, yes, yes!!!  On my recent trip to Memphis (where I missed Denise!)
Cynthia and I eventually found Furry's gravesite nestled in a wonderful
cemetary just like Denise describes in her post.  It took some looking
around - and int he process we looked at many wonderful tributes and alters
to the deceased - but the point of the story is that these graves (which
are not kept up on a regular basis) need folks to just pay them a little
attention.  We pulled weeds from Furry's gravesite as well as many others.
As Dana mentioned, it is out of respect for the people we walked before and
among us.

James Foster

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