Blues Finds Tallahassee

Barry Silverberg bsco@PANIX.COM
Fri Nov 3 13:39:59 EST 1995

Alan C. Rollins (blzlynx@POLARIS.NET) wrote:
: I want to plug Phillip Walker his hollow bodied guitar, his gritty vocals
: and tight-as-nails band.  This man is a treasure undiscovered.  His new CD,
: "Working Girl Blues" is a must have.  He has been at it since 1955 when
: Clifton Chenier(who's son was here a week or so ago and is fine) gave him
: his start.  He comes to Tally Town regularly to play at Dave's CC Club.
: I ain't not associated with either Mr. Walker or Dave's.  It is just that
: Mr. Walker is a fine artist deserving a broader audience.  He is one fine
: person as well always approachable and ready with a story from the road.

        Second your appreciation of Mr. Walker.  Love his big barrel
        vocals and his nice guitar sound.  As an added note he's the
        owner of a club in Los Angeles - Club 4.  He recently did an
        album with a blues rocker Jay Gordon that is quite good. Its
        a nice set with the mellow Mr. Walker set against the highly
        charged electric blues rock of Mr. Gordon.  I have heard Jay
        Gordon's first CD - Blues Infested which was very much a big
        stright ahead rockin' set, and the second one Jaywalkin' got
        me more because the move from this rock-blues artist sitting
        down with the likes of Phillip Walker really makes for quite
        a different sound.  May have a review of both soon. But it's
        always good to hear PW. He took my heart the first time that
        I listened to Bottom Of The Top - still one of my fav's.
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