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Dick Waterman Jinxblues@AOL.COM
Wed Nov 1 13:18:47 EST 1995

I generally stay away from threads of this sort but perhaps I can add
something to this one:
Son House told me that when he was recording for Paramount Records in
Grafton, Wisconsin, in May, 1930, there was still tremendous interest in the
material of Blind Lemon Jefferson who had been dead for about six months.
Son recorded a version of "See That My Grave Is Kept Clean" on May 28, but it
was never assigned a matrix number or released. Later that same day, he used
the melody of the song along with his own lyrics for "Mississippi County Farm
Blues" which was issued as Paramount 13096 with "Clarksdale Moan" on the
other side.
He continued to perform this song in concert following his 1964 rediscovery.

I asked Son how it could be that he and Charley Patton and Willie Brown could
travel from Mississippi to Wisconsin and back with the young Louise Johnson
without there being some sort of romantic attraction going on.
He smiled as his memory went back almost 40 years and he took a drag on his
"Well," he said, "She left out Charley's but she come home mine."

Dick Waterman

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