Hans Thessink

Nuri A. Nuri nuri@NEOSOFT.COM
Wed Nov 1 10:21:18 EST 1995

I've met Hans in Houston once when he walked into Billy Blues to see a
friend of his and mine perform. After the show, he and Mike picked up their
Dobros and jammed while the watresses and bar tenders were cleaning up; man
what a show. He is excellent, playing and vocals. He gave me one of his CDs
to play on the radio; it is called "Call Me" on Deluge Records (1993). there
is a lot of folk on this CD but it is good. He has a new one oput but I do
not know what it is called.


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>Well, por supuesto, amigo! I met Hans on my first European tour in 1980.
>He does most of his work in Europe (obviously). He and his wife used to
>promote a folk/blues festival, but I think they've dropped it in recent
>years. I don't recall ever hearing his recordings, but as a live
>performer he was pretty credible.
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>Roger Struve (roger.lew.struve@MEDTRONIC.COM) wrote:
>: I asked about this guy but it was sort of buried in another reply, so i am
>: reposting the question.
>: I never heard of this guy before, but he is from Holland, and studied in
>: Mississippi, and is one very good bluesman.
>: He has a video out through Homespun Tapes, which i just received.
>: Apparently he enjoys world-wide recognition, and has perhaps a dozen CD's
>: out.   Anybody ever hear any of them?
>: A new CD is apparently being readied for release in the USA.
>: ddr.
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