Strat pick-ups/no blues content

Michael G. Kaloyanides menelaos@CHARGER.NEWHAVEN.EDU
Tue Jun 6 20:02:17 EDT 1995

I recently purchased a new strat and in looking through the new strats on
display I noticed that there was quite a variety in the relative heights
of the pick-up pole pieces. On some strats the pole pieces on each
pick-up were pretty much the same height, on others the pole pieces were
of varying heights. Does anyone have an explanation as to why the
variety? Again, as far as I could tell these were all new strats, though
not all the same "model".
Also, on my factory-fresh strat, the pick-ups are fairly low, i.e. they are
pretty far from the strings. I am curious how you
fellow Bluezellers with strats have gone about setting pick-up heights and
what recommendations you have for optimum height and relative merits of
various heights.
Thanks for your help,
Michael G. Kaloyanides
Department of Music & Sound Recording
University of New Haven

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