Collection: Rare Originals

Stephen Lacy slacy@KAIWAN.COM
Sun Sep 18 01:31:10 EDT 1994

Here's something that's within reach of someone like Eric Clapton or
Isaac Tigrett (House of Blues; Hard Rock Cafe), but newsworthy to all of us.

A collection of original pressings, many being "only known copies" or
"fewer than five copies known" is up for sale.  It consists of over
20-thousand records (45s, 78s, 33s).  And it's considered one of the
finest post-WWII collections anywhere.

It emphasizes Chicago Blues and Delta Blues as well as other Country Blues
styles.  The artists include Howling Wolf, Elmore James, Muddy Waters,
Robert Nighthawk, Lightning Slim and even more celestial names from

Try these on for size:  Robert Johnson, Blind Willie Johnson, Blind
Lemon Jefferson, Robert Wilkins and other rarities.  It's the kind of
thing Christies auctions or the Smithsonian catalogues with its Lomax

No bootlegs; no reproductions.  These original pressings also feature
gospel, cajun, r&b, r&r and country from the 50s & early 60s.

Here's the cold part.  $1 chilly mill.  six zeroes, firm.

But the collector's known in his circles and the records are available
for examination by appointment.  His name is Darryl Stolper.

And I?

It's the long road ain't got no end
and the dry bed ain't got no bend.

Call me...

Mr Go-Between.

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