Martin Adamson
Thu Mar 31 09:50:53 EST 1994

>   Anyway, back to this 'best of' CD; this isn't what I remember of his
> music - this is good stuff, and his guitar style at times comes close
> to that of one of my fav. guitarists, namely Peter Green.

Other way round, I think!!!

>   So where does the subject of this mail, 'Caledonia', come in? When I first
> played the CD I started scrutinizing the CD cover and on seeing a track
> with this title I thought "Mmmm, sounds like a Van Morrison sort of title".
> Imagine then my amazement when I got to this track and B.B.'s vocals
> were so close to Van's style that I had to check the liner notes to make
> sure that it really wasn't Van

It was originally sung by Louis Jordan, an American R&B singer in 1942.
BB has always named Louis Jordan as an influence, so he would have got
the tune directly from him, rather than from Van Morrison.  I don't know if Van
has ever recorded it. Being scottish, I also have always wondered about the


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