British Record Clubs etc.

Tony Monk
Fri Mar 25 14:30:10 EST 1994

>Are there any British subscribers to this list? If there are they might be
>able to help me. I don't have a CD player , and decent sources of blues albums
>are drying up where I live. Does anyone know of a Blues Orientated record club
>in the UK, that I can join and order LPs from.
>(I know, I know - I should buy a CD player)
>Richard Burton.

Try Red Lick Records:

  PO Box 3,
  Wales LL48 6AQ.
  Tel: 0766 770990
  FAX: 0766 771010

They have a (very) extensive blues catalogue; mostly CD, but a fair bit of
vinyl, + cassettes, videos, odds & ends.  A 38p stamp will get you their
catalogue (hours of fun reading).


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