New Buddy Guy (Paula records)

William E. Burdick KWC-1623 5585
Tue Mar 22 08:22:14 EST 1994

March 22nd

I know its been a while but I've been buried in other "blues
activities" ...

Just got the new Buddy Guy - "Southern Blues 1957-63" on Paula
Records.  It is GREAT!  If you can't find this release in your local
blues bins, call Paula Records and get it directly from the
source: (800) 446-2865.

I'll warn you, I've never been a big fan of Buddy Guy; he never
really lit my soul on fire.  This recording is very different!
It features some of Buddy's first recordings, ever, including two
cuts recorded at batlon Rouge, Louisiana's WXOK that were recorded
as demo cuts for later delivery to Leonard Chess.  The primary
work on this recording is a rare collection of Guy's earliest works
of Louisiana and Chicago Recordings with the addition of the COBRA/Artistic
Label Releases (produced by Willie Dixon).

You'll find a much more controlled, tighter sounding Guy; the energy
level is high and the guitar licks burn right into your soul.  Another
fine release form our pals at Paula - nice job boys!

"Southern Blues 1957-63" - Paula PCD-26 (CD), PC-346 (Cassette)
You Sure Can't Do (alt)         You Sure Can't Do
This Is The End (alt)           This Is The End
I Hope You Come Back Home       Good Things
The Way You Been Treatin' Me    Too Many Cooks
Sit and Cry (The Blues)         Heavy Heart Beat
Try To Quit You Baby            God's Gift To Man

Bill Burdick

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