Buddy Guy story

Michael S Heidenberg msh6@columbia.edu
Mon Mar 21 15:21:07 EST 1994

        That _is_ an interesting story.
         re Buddy and Carlos Santana: they
_have_ worked together already. Buddy _and_ Junior sing backing vocals on
Veracruz (a south-of-the-border Sweet Home Chicago) on Carlos's album
         They've also played together quite a bit over the years. I have
a tape of them from the San Francisco Blues Fest '86 (also featuring
Junior, Albert King, and Buddy Miles), and it's _really_ good.
         It would
be interesting to hear Santana do more of a "straight" blues, and
Carlos's legendary attention to tone and phrasing might just force Buddy
to stay on his toes and avoid the "noodling" that occasionally creeps
into his playing lately (yes, even _I_ admit that)....anyway, enough
random thoughts (for the moment)....

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