Jeff Seale
Sun Mar 20 13:48:08 EST 1994

Memphis Lenny said:

 :Reading Beale Black & Blue (got it after Jeff Seale mentioned it) there is
 :VERY HIGH praise for Elvis. It said there was a saying that "If you can make
 :it on Beale, you could make it anywhere and Elvis made it on Beale"
 :It went on to say he was the only white that would be at the Palace to compete
 :on amateur night and said he did very well and the blacks supported him just
 :like they did the others.....Nice Read, REAL NICE READ

Real nice read indeed, LW. I read most of it on the plane this weekend
and have enjoyed every minute of this book. Definitely a must read for
all blues-l'ers.

 :LW " If you eve go to Beale when it's cookin, you'll NEVER,EVER forget it"

I'll second that one. We were there a month ago. It was the first warm
weekend of the year and the place was HOPPIN'. There was a Cajun/Zydeco
festival going on that night and it was amazing at all the people and
music. The Center for Southern Culture is a MUST SEE.

-Jeff (when I die, bury me on Beale and Second Streets)

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