BLUES DATE : MARCH 17 (homesick james)

Eric LeBlanc-CISTI leblanc@DAO.NRC.CA
Thu Mar 17 12:00:30 EST 1994

  To answer your questions VT,

    1. LOVEY LEE & LOVIE LEE are the same person. Nice to see EARWIG
       issuing a set by LOVIE

    2. According to his passport, HOMESICK JAMES was born
       JOHN WILLIAM HENDERSON on May 3rd, 1914, SOMERVILLE, TN. Maybe
       EARWIG will clear this up.

       As you may know, the BIG BOOK OF THE BLUES has a few errors/typos -
       for example, check out Muddy Waters!  His date of birth is INCORRECT
       (it should be May 04, 1915).  Also, MUDDY died at the GOOD SAMARITAN
       HOSPITAL which is located in DOWNERS GROVE, IL.  Paul Oliver is one
       of the few writers that has noticed this - so everone should correct
       their files.  He did not die in Chicago, IL

                                   eRIC "THE DATE MAN"

I was talking to Mr. Michael Frank of Earwig Records yesterday, when he
said that they were about to release in May:

LOVIE LEE    "Good Candy"    Earwig CD or Cassette 4928

accompanied by Carey and Lurrie Bell.  This is a re-issue.

According to Blues Who's Who - Carey Bell's Stepfather is a LoveY Lee
(spelt with a 'Y'), is this the same person?

If I recall correctly someone asked about Homesick James awhile back?
Earwig has a new Homesick James release in the same month:

HOMESICK JAMES  "Goin' Back in the Times"       Earwig CD or Cass 4929

solo performances recorded in August/92 of all new material that
Homesick has not recorded before.  This is amazing for someone who's in
his eighties.

Note for eRIC - I've come across conflicting dates for Homesick's birthday:

Blues Who's Who         b. 1910-0430
Big Book of Blues       b. 1905-0503

both agree on the place which was given as Somerville, TN.

Anyway it would be nice if Earwig released this on his birthday - either
84th or 89th!


>DATE:   Wed, 16 Mar 1994 01:00:02 PST
>FROM:   Eric LeBlanc-CISTI <leblanc@DAO.NRC.CA>
>artist                notes/full name        yyyy-mmdd, city/county   state age
>LEE, LOVIE             [EDDIE LEE WATSON] b. 1917-0317, MERIDIAN,        MS

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