great googly moogly!

danallen danallen@INDIANA.EDU
Tue Mar 15 14:03:20 EST 1994

> Date: Mon, 7 Mar 1994 22:44:59 -0800
> Anyway, here's my silly question:  where does the phrase "great googly
> moogly" have it's origin?  I know the Wolf says it in Goin' Down Slow,
> but where'd he get it?  That's the earliest recording I've heard with
> that phrase.


I'm way behind on my blues-L reading and perhaps someone has already
fielded this one, but I'm fairly positive I've seen film footage of
Fats Waller in bowler, at the piano with eyes rolling and growling the
words "great googly moogly!".

Dan Allen     

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