Johnny Winter questions

Aaron Fredrick Tiensivu tiensivu@STUDENT.MSU.EDU
Tue Mar 15 15:09:40 EST 1994

> Has anyone had a chance to speak with JW.....? Everytime I see him he is
> On and "poof" he's gone. His roadie or manager will take stuff in the bus
> to get it autographed, but JW won't come out....

Yes.. I've talked to and spent some time with JW, but it was *very* hard to get
into that position. This was after conversing with his bass player for around a
year or more [back and forth, trading articles and such]. It was kinda nice,
the night I graduated from High School, they called our house....

This is all my Dad's doing..  so I have no clue how/what/where he did... but
we're going to his April 1st concert in Kalamazoo and going backstage, should
be very nice.

> The reason I ask is I work about a block from where he'll be playing Friday
> and I gonna get up there in the afternoon and wait by the bus, in hopes of
> having a word or two with him.
> He's kinda elusive or he's that way when i see him, guess he's afraid I'll
> ask him to copy Westside Soul for me :-)
> LW

Yes, very elusive..
But a very nice guy.. very very nice.

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