Aretha Sat Night

Mon Mar 14 08:56:21 EST 1994

Wow , never thought I'd something negative about Aretha on a blues list, but
that's ok. I wouldn't go see Roy Rogers again and that obviously puts me in the
minority on BLUES-l.
I don't care for Aretha's pizza commercial and I didn't see her on
Sat night, but whew man when she did it, SHE DID IT.

When I saw Roy Rogers he was doing Robert Johnson songs in a real flashy hopped
up fashion, that I didn't like at all. He conveyed no emtions or feeling at all
instead it was a technical prowness that he displayed. Never once did I close
my eyes, sway my head, shake my hips I just stood there with the rest saying
"yeah he's fast" or 'he's slick" , nobody was carrying on like they were moved
Just MHO............    LW

JW is Friday, Mike Griffin & Larry from Unknown Blues have been nominated for
a Handy for Song of The Year...(suprise me)

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