Smokey Logg Review

Thu Mar 10 09:34:24 EST 1994

Went to see Smokey & The Flamethrowers Tuesday night. I'm not a fan of that
type of playing, it's all too fast and rushed for me. The highlight came
when Topper Price (a local harp player singer that YOU WILL HEAR ABOUT)
Topper has opened for Roy Rogers and blew him away, he opened for Tinsely
and Tinsley was backstage white-as-a-ghost asking me who was this guy.

Anyway TP took total control, I mean total control. He told them what to play
and when to play it. Smokey loved it and the rest of the band it was the only
time they smiled the whole night. Every time TP said that's enough I gotta go
Smokey was saying NO, NO, just do one more.....etc. If it wasn't for Topper
Price it would have been a wasted evening. His CD comes out this month and
what I've heard from the advance copy is tough stuff. Big Mike & Unknown blues
will be here Friday, guess I gotta go

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