Eric LeBlanc-CISTI leblanc@DAO.NRC.CA
Thu Mar 3 11:57:14 EST 1994

                JO-ANN KELLY b. 1944-0105, STREATHAM, SOUTH LONDON, UK
                             d. 1990-1021, LONDON, UK

      Thanks for your memories.  JoANN Kelly was one of few 2nd generation
      players I enjoyed - though I have to say I purchased her first(?)
      album - on EPIC Records - because it was produced by Nick Perls,
      owner of Yazoo Records.  Since I know Nick was such a traditionists
      I knew this JoAnn Kelly must be something else.  She was. There's
      at least 2 CDs out now of her material.

                                               eRIC "THE DATE MAN"

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