SRV Unplugged

Gregg Makepeace makepeac@FSSUN2.UG.EDS.COM
Thu Mar 3 12:05:23 EST 1994

I have the SRV Unplugged performance on tape. It was fantastic, but very
short as this was the original Unplugged format when it was only a 30 minute
show split between two performers with Jules Shear as the annoying host who
would jam with a guest at the end (usually a waste of time).

SRV only did a couple of tunes (I think it might have been Scuttle Buttin'
and Pride and Joy) but it was incredible to see him play an acoustic. Reminded
me of that scene in the Jimi Hendrix movie where you first see Jimi on
acoustic playing I Hear My Train A Comin'.

Seeing this performance renewed my interest in SRV. I had the first two
albums and almost got the third, but never did. Then after unplugged, I picked
up the rest of the albums. Unfortunately, I never got a chance to see him live.

Gregg Makepeace

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