Jeff Williams jeff@NEBULA.TBE.COM
Wed Mar 2 11:56:59 EST 1994

Was listening to a blues program on the radio last night and heard
my VERY FIRST FK song!  And...that's all it took!  I'm a fan!
I think the title of the song was "I'm Going Down".  Can someone
tell me what CD it's on?  Also, the guy doing the radio show was
telling a FK story.  He said that he went to a concert back in
(I think) 74.  Anyway, FK was opening for Marshall Tucker Band.
He said this was back when MTB had their 2 or 3 big hits that had
just come out.  Anyway, he said FK blew them away!  Evidently, FK
did 2 or 3 encores, then MTB came on and played their 2 or 3 hits,
and the people were screaming for Freddie!  So Freddie COMES BACK
on stage, plugs in one small amplifier, and takes control again!

Have a good day, from a new FK convert!


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