Fender Robinson: was RE: Piano (Roll) Blues

Rajah V. Komaran FBARVK%NUSVM.BITNET@BROWNVM.brown.edu
Tue Mar 1 14:55:39 EST 1994

  Some Green Alien said:

>"ET" VT,  (Bone home, Raj....)

    Boink!  Boink!

  Blues Content:

  I recently picked (love that "pick" part of the word for some reason)
  Fenton Robinson's I HEAR SOME BLUES DOWNSTAIRS and loved it very much.
  Sometimes, you get so much blues you need to preserve your ear, bone
  and all ... and settle down with some soothing guitar 'n singing.
  That's right, that's what IHSBDownstairs does for me!
  Thanks to a Blues-Lover who mentioned this CD some months ago.

  Any help on other Fenton (VT, no Phantom's, OK?) Robinson's
  releases that may be just as pleasureable?   Thanks in advance!

                                          =-=-----  Raj

  p/s Hi all, I hope you've enjoyed your Chinese New Year.  Coming up
      soon is the Malay New Year!!!

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