CDs for sale - separate posting

M.A. Murphy
Sat Jun 4 15:59:22 EDT 1994

As I hit the enter key on my response to the H-Bomb Ferguson query
it occurred to me that people who might possibly be interested in
some of these CDs might ignore the post with an H-Bomb subject.

                        (H-Bomb Ferguson)
I have an extra copy of this for sale if you're interested.  This also
leads me to finally list a bunch of stuff for sale - all blues.  I've
been meaning to do this for a while as I had some duplicates in the
batch of CDs that I judged for the NAIRD Indie Awards.

The following are for sale.  $8.50 per CD postage included in the US.
If you want more than 2 I'm willing to knock off $0.50 per disk after
the first two.

H-Bomb Ferguson              Wiggin' Out                   Earwig Records
Aron Burton                  Past, Present, And Future     Earwig
Steve James                  Two Track Mind                Antone's
Eddie Hinton                 Very Blue Highway             Bullseye Blues
Smokey Wilson                Smoke n' Fire                 Bullseye Blues
Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom      B-3 Blues and Grooves         Bullseye Blues
Irma Thomas                  True Believer                 Rounder
Tom Ball & Kenny Sultan      Filthy Rich                   Flying Fish
Ernie Johnson                It's Party Time               Paula
Ike & Tina Turner            Sexy, Seductive, Provocative  Paula

I'll let Carl have first dibs on the H-Bomb Ferguson.
The Paula releases are both still sealed.


                                            Michael A. Murphy

If you do not understand my silence
you will not understand my words.

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