Thu Jun 2 21:52:24 EDT 1994

Jon asks if Gatemouth has done any GOOD songs.  Oh, I guess, over the past 50
years he has been able to muster up a couple.  Most are found on the
following and are some of my favorite Gate recordings:
   1.  One More Mile
   2.  Texas Swing - a compilation of songs from Alright Again and One More
Mile, both Rounder recordings.
   3.  The Original Peacock Recordings - 50's recordings with the wonderful
Okie Dokie Stomp, 2 minutes and 31 seconds of just about the best Texas blues
you'll ever hear, IMO.
     BTW, Pressure Cooker, though its more in a relaxed Jazz vein, is low on
the wimp-factor scale, IMO.  Although it certainly is not Gate's best
recording (again, my opinion), any recording with the great Jay McShann and
Arnett Cobb as sidemen is a keeper. It's just one more musical side of this
extremely talented blues musician.  And Gatemouth, bless his heart, will make
sure we don't forget that!
          Diane "love that Texas blues thang" Vaux

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