Robert Johnson/T-BONE WALKER

Kevin Canning
Wed Jun 1 15:45:40 EDT 1994

Martin and Ian,

First of all, why rank them? Can't you appreciate each for his own

Secondly, as far as influence, Robert Jr Lockwood, Muddy Waters, Elmore
James, Johnny Shines, Howlin Wolf were just some of the more notable
performers "influenced" (your word) by Robert Johnson.

I'm not discounting T-Bone's importance. BB King, Little Milton, Otis
Rush, Gatemouth Brown - these are just some of the artists who have been
"influenced" by T-Bone.


On Wed, 1 Jun 1994, Martin Adamson wrote:

>  Okay, here I go with some heresy.
> > I cannot understand the Robert Johnson cult! I think it stems much more
> > from his myth and mysterious death than from any real influence he
> > had on the blues. During his lifetime, Big Bill Broonzy was much more
> > influential on both song and guitar styles. T-Bone Walker and others
> > really set the tone after his death. Johnson's influence on the
> > evolution of blues was negligeable ... until long after he died.
> I'm with Ian.  No matter how great Robert Johnson was artistically, his
> early death, the fact that he recorded during the depression and the fact
> that so few of his recordings were issued at the time they were recorded
> means that his *influence* on his contemporaries and successors was much
> less than many other performers.  *Lonnie* Johnson was more influential.
> All this changed when his LPs were released in the 60s and he started to
> get written about, of course.
> Martin

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