Blues-DJ's - was Bonnie the K.

Bonnie Kalmbach
Wed Jun 1 18:41:00 EDT 1994

        So how many of us are blues DJ's out there?? Why don't y'all send
me your names, the names of your shows and times, and location - on the dial
and on the map. Then...I can make a list for all and any who care to see it.
Besides, I can do column on WordPerfect (she says proudly). Then Blues-L folk
can tune you in when they're in your neck of the woods. And, maybe, give you a

        I suppose we could also make a list of shows *not* done by list
members and post that apart from our own. There is such a list already in the
"Living Blues Directory". I have a friend in Portland at KBOO who's celebrating
his 20th year as a blues programmer. That beats me out, but not by much.

                                                "Two for the Blues"
                                                  (est. 1976)
                                                WORT-FM, Madison,WI
                                                  (est. 1975)

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