Robert Johnson

Wed Jun 1 16:02:50 EDT 1994

Correct me (gently please) if I'm wrong, but didn't the RJ box set sell
more than any other Blues records/cds....????

Thats interesting if true.....(more than Cray, SRV, BB, Albert....etc)

I'm not trying to MAKE a point or anything (it could be read that way) I just
think it's worth mentioning while we're on the RJ thread.

LW  "The Thrill Is Gone"

City Stages acts: Jimmy Thackery, Robben Ford, BB King, Keri Leigh, Jr. Wells
Jerry Mcain , Lil Jimmy Reed (will Boogie Daddy be with him ????), Roomful Of
Blues, Topper Price, Birmingham Heritage Band, Cleve Eaton, and a
bunch more, but not much else in the way of BLUUUUUUUUUUUUES

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