Harlem; Ian Moore

John "Boogie Daddy" Wells JOHNW@mces.msstate.edu
Wed Jun 1 15:31:34 EDT 1994

The name of the song is "HARLEM". It is on the Ian Moore cd, "Ian
Moore" (Capricorn 42018-2).

    Riding through Harlem in my bulletproof car
    Inside a glass shell you say keeps us from harm
    My music's playing loudly and people gather round
    They wonder what we're doing in their part of town
    I try to reach out reach out and touch my brother's hand
    walls are too thick now lord there must be something wrong
    If we'd just listen closely we might just get along

    Wake me from my sleep now
    take me from my dream
    Don't leave me here in Harlem
    you made the streets so mean
    This ain't no revolution
    This ain't no civil war
    Just driving through Harlem in my bulletproof car.

    Now the signals changing, they change from green to red
    I see a confrontation, it's lying dead ahead.
    It all seems so familiar part of an endless scene
    You say it's so peculiar but you're the one in need.
    So now you're talking saying that it's me versus him
    But I don't pick the sides and I don't want to win.
    So don't call my number and ask to fall in line
    When you don't have solutions and you've run out of time.

    Wake me from my sleep now ... (etc)

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