women singers

Wed Jun 1 09:58:00 EDT 1994

Two other 30's female blues singers well worth checking out are Hattie Hart
and Minnie Wallace who recorded with the Memphis Jug Band. Perhaps eRIC
could fill us in a little bit with regard to these two rather spirited women.

Then, speaking of "spirited" there's Victoria Spivey. although her first
recordings were in the 30's or maybe even 20's - she owned her own record
label and in the 60's recorded Otis Spann in her parlor - singing about his
mother "Miz Josephine Spann" while Ms. Spivey's parakeets were really getting
in the spirit and helping out in the background.

        My own late parakeet, Anatoly Ivanonvich, especially loved zydeco
music and Lonnie Brooks. Perhaps he was originally hatched in Louisiana.



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