He Bought A Harmonica (harp ?'s)

L W ISTS024%UABDPO.BITNET@brownvm.brown.edu
Wed Jun 1 11:33:04 EDT 1994

A friend has been playing harp since Dec and he's doing pretty well, he will
only play fills NO SOLOS....yet. I've been trying to get him to solo some but
he doesn't feel comfortable. Another "technical" musician has been filling
his head with "you gotta read music" .......etc and all the theory about scales
, tonics, sub-dominant......etc and confusing the heck out of him. So I ask
all you harp players what should he do in order to play better. I told him
to ignore him and keep playing with James Cotton, Lil Walter ...etc, he seems
to be able to cop licks well.

If he needs to learn scales ( i suspect he does) could someone e-mail me some
scales and what not that may help him.....thanks


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