Who does this song?

Michael Baseflug mbaseflu@hpmail2.fwrdc.rtsg.mot.com
Wed Jun 1 12:13:22 EDT 1994

Craig Smoot wrote:
> Hey all,
>     I just heard a *GREAT* Bluesy song and I was wondering who does it.
> I don't know the actual name but the chorus goes, "Drivin' through Harlem
> in my, Bullet-proof car."  The song is fab! :-)  Kinda sounds like Doyle
> Bramhall II formerly of the Arc Angels singing lead, but I'm not sure.
> Anyone know what this song is and who performs it?  It is a remake of
> a classic?  If so, who wrote it originally?  Just dying to know.  TIA. :-)

Hey there.  You just stumped me.  The name of who does it is on the tip of my
tongue, but I just can't seem to get it out of me.  I heard the singer of the
song talking about it on the radio a couple of weeks ago, but it wasn't Dolye II
(I don't think).  You've got the title right.  I do remember that its not a
remake, its an original.  I remember them talking about how some radio stations
wouldn't play it because of racial implications.  Ice-T even stated that he
disliked the song at first, but then started groovin to it once he got its
message.  The singer was saying that the song wasn't trying to be racist, but
just the opposite, kind of being devil's advocate.

Oh, man.  Don't you just hate it when you know something, but just can't seem to
spit it out.  This is definitely going to bug me like crazy until I get it or
soembody tells me.  Aaaaarrrggghhhh!!!!!!!!!

cat got my friggin' tongue,
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