Charly Boxed Set: Little Walter

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Wed Aug 31 12:09:12 EDT 1994

I picked up the same set in London recently dirt cheap at a market stall
(who could resist?).  It has better sound than I thought it would,
considering that many of the tracks were dubbed from the three poorly
mastered and pressed Le Roi Du Blues bootleg LPs from 10-15 years ago.
While it is certainly the most comprehensive overall Little Walter
compilation (MCA was hamstrung for a long time by the disappearance of
about 1/3 of his Chess masters as part of the Le Roi Du Blues escapade
but recovered them a year or two ago), it is a bootleg and also not quite
as complete as advertised.  There's a 1953 session which nobody had
access to at the time of compilation; it's now in MCA's hands and one cut
appeared on the Chess Blues Box.  (The tape has also been making the
rounds; Blues-L-ers who have the Johnny Dyer CD on Black Top can note
that Dyer's version of "Driftin' Blues" is a cover of Walter's unissued
one from the '53 session.)-- Dick S.

On Tue, 30 Aug 1994, ELIOT WILLIAMS wrote:

> In Chicago last weekend I stopped by the Jazz Record Mart and picked
> up (among other things): "Little Walter - the Chess Years 1952-1963"
> (Charly CD REDBOX 5). I've listened to about half of it so far but
> decided I didn't have to wait to offer my unqualified recommendation.
>  This is without a doubt the finest LW compilation I've heard.  Four
> discs, including almost every track he made for Chess during the
> years indicated (there are a few unreleased tracks that are not
> included because, according to the excellent discography included in
> the box, they were very weak efforts).  Several alternate takes are
> also included.  The sound is very good (certainly as good as on the
> MCA LW disc I've got).  Say what you will about these Charly sets,
> but I don't think there's anything out there to compare with this
> one.  EW
> Eliot Williams
> University of Wisconsin Medical School

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