TRAFFIC: HOB Radio Hour Sept. 3/4

Thu Aug 25 09:53:38 EDT 1994

>If I recall the HOB's guy was interested in our opinions and thats what he's
>getting. If they paid attention to us/ya'll it would be a show that i would
>look forward to hearing. As far as producing my own radio show, I would surely
>try and play what pleases the audience. I would kick off my next show with
>Johnny Young, then Magic Sam.....then I got them in the palm of my hand.
>I realize it's their show , it's their choice and you can't please everyone so
>this Sunday morning while my friends are listening to HOB I'll be listening
>to what pleases me                        LW

I think the HOB guy should let you do at least one show.  It would be great and
it would show them what a "real" Blues radio show could be.  Just one show
and they'll never go back.


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