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Fri Aug 19 23:04:19 EDT 1994

Craig Smoot wrote...
>1) Does Mighty Mite still make those slides (are they still in business),
>   and how can I get one (because they aren't around here)?
>Just wondering.  Thanks in A! :-),
>Craig S.
I have a S.Grossman slide guitar book which lists the address for Mighty
Mite as:
Box 305
Malibu, CA 92065
This book is from 1990, so the address may not be right...
BTW, I like slide playing like EJ, MW, and JW, but I am still learning
to play "normal" blues.  Can anyone recommend a cheap acoustic guitar
that would be good for this?  I've actually read that cheap guitars are
better for slide anyway.  I really don't have any money now, but in the
near future I might be able to afford one.  Thanx!
BTW BTW I made a slide out of a Jim Beam bottle once that seemed pretty
cool...at least it worked well as a visual aid for a speech I gave in
--Gerry "who deleted my sig?" Good

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