Buddy Ace

Fri Aug 19 20:30:00 EDT 1994

I saw Buddy Ace earlier this week on "Blues Goin' On" on cable channel
WGN out of Chicago. Yes, I'd say he still had that Bobby Bland, Jr.Parker
style. He was wearing a double-breasted* white suit, no shirt, and a gold
chain or two. The ladies in the house were liking his act a lot.

* this reminds me of the Roosevelt Sykes tune : "Double-Breasted Woman"...

Anyway...also on this show was a character who called himself Howlin'
Wolf Jr. He was fairly mediocre but who was he? Did anyone see this episode?
The back up band was great; I heard some excellent slide guitar and there
back in the shadows was Johnny B. Moore; on bass was Willie Kent.
They were never acknowledged - or I never noticed if they were.



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