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Fri Aug 19 11:07:17 EDT 1994

Hey O' wise ones of the Net,

    I went to one of our favorite music joints last night and saw
some friends of mine doin their "acoustic thang", and one of the
guys, Danny Hall (whom I have mentioned here before), was playing
some of the most beautiful slide playing I've ever heard.  He was
using a heavy (as far as slides go) brass Mighty Mite slide that
felt great to *me* anyway.  Great tone! :-)

    Anyway I was wondering TWO things:

1) Does Mighty Mite still make those slides (are they still in business),
   and how can I get one (because they aren't around here)?

2) After looking at that now infamous picture of Hound Dog Taylor's six-
   fingered left hand, it looks as if HE used a MM too.  Is this true?

Just wondering.  Thanks in A! :-),
Craig S.

ps.  To anyone interested:  The BluesNet WWW SHED Blues Venues and Club
   listing page has now been HTML-ized by yours truly and is ready for
   browsing.  One thing however, the file is about 37500 bytes, so if
   you have a slow PC (like mine) it'll take a little longer to retrieve.
   I am in the process of breaking the listing up into sub menus and
   different pages so it will be easier for you guys to retrieve, not
   to mention you'll be able to download per state/country rather than
   the whole BIG document. :-)  The address is:


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