That Mean Ole Leeve

Fri Aug 19 09:41:26 EDT 1994

I'm curious: Did Led Zep credit Memphis Minnie on their album that contains
When The Leeve Breaks......Just curious

I noticed John Campbell credits Memphis Minnie and Plant,Page. I think maybe
he credited the writing to MM and the arrangment (somewhat) to P & P.
Does anyone know if JC uses an open minor (Em) or just a basic major open
chord tuning on this particular song......My wife has been pushing me (hard)
to start playing & SINGING (talking really) Bluebird. Who wrote Bluebird and
who does your favorite version of it....She also wants me to do Aberdeen Miss
she has become a "Buk-head", but I can't be screwing with no Bukka White tune

Believe it or not I've never heard Zep's version of Leeve


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