Ball The Wall?...Huh?

bob unger bob@BNKST.EDU
Thu Aug 18 13:07:14 EDT 1994

Can one of y'all br3eak out the dictionary and 'splain to me what Professor
Longhair means in his song "Ball The Wall"
      "Ah...It feels so good to ball the wall"

      "Do you like to ball the wall?"
      "I like to ball the wall"

 and just to keep on beating a dead more non-PC blues song:

     "Talk To You By Hand" on Anson's 'Through The Years' cd:

     "I'm gonna stop foolin' myself baby"
     "and I'm gonna stop foolin' you"
     "I'm gonna talk to you by hand if you dont stop doin' the things you do"


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