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Thu Aug 18 10:19:54 EDT 1994

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Hey guitarists,

I just had to let you people know about this new unbelieveable (and
unbelieveably high priced) tuning system that had gotten a little
discussion not to long ago.  As you may or may not remember, I had
requested any info on the HIPSHOT Trilogy Multiple Tuning bridge, well,
this is NOT about the Trilogy bridge.  I came to find out (through Eric
Shoaf I think) that Jimmy Page used a multiple tuning system on his
'Coverdale/Page' album.  Well, it so happens that Jimmy uses the
_TransPerformance Automatic Tuning System_.

In the new, 1994-1995 Guitar World Buyer's Guide, I read about this
so-called "wonder tuning" system yesterday and you won't believe what
it does (well *I* can't anyway).  It is a digital-computer driven,
MOTORIZED, SELF-TUNING and MULTIPLE TUNING system (there was no picture
of it of course) that you can put on a Les Paul.  The *coolest* feature
to me is that it is motorized and the damn thing actually keeps the
guitar in tune automatically while you play!  And it has like 120 presets
and 200 user-programmable presets to give something like over 100,000
different tuning combinations! (Like who is going to need THAT many.)
And like the Trilogy bridge, you can switch to different tunings even while
playing in the middle of a song!  The drawback - the price.  It lists for
about $ 3500.00 !!! (Or something like that)

Geesh, they finally come out with some really cool guitar add-on technology,
and they make it more DAMN expensive than the DAMN guitars that you put them
on, dammit! ;-)

Just thought I'd pass that tidbit on to ya,
Craig S.

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